Why?For?Whats next?

  1. Why?
    Since the begging of pandemic and total lockdown I started to worry about my ability to speak and wright in English. I am barely using language in my daily life and due to my work specific I don’t need to wright or say any long and complicated sentences. Even thought I am pretty sure that my language knowledge is still above average ,I know for sure I am lacking basics of grammar and ability to create long and complicated sentences. I start to lose my before rich vocabulary , even my speech became more primitive. To be fair all of this is partially true about my Russian as well. So, I decided to start this blog. Maybe I will find somebody to check my grammar and orthography.
  2. For?
    For myself and for my future job perspectives. Not sure for how long I am going to stay in England, but I am almost 100% English will be my main language for the rest of my life and it’s pretty much basic live skill to know language on another level.
  3. Whats next?
    I will try to wright some entries daily. Either it will be diary like entries or reviews. No specific themes or idea just constant practice.


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